Published: Oct. 23, 2018

John Daily Textbook Statistical ThermodynamicsMechanical Engineering Professor and Director of the Center for Combustion and Environmental Research, John W. Daily will be publishing a book in December 2018 entitled, Statistical Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach. This text was written for mechanical or aerospace engineering graduate students who have a strong background in engineering thermodynamics entering advanced fields such as combustion, high-temperature gas dynamics, environmental sciences, or materials processing in addition to those wishing to understand advanced experimental diagnostic techniques in similar fields.

The book will cover, in a practical, readily understandable manner, the underlying meaning of entropy, temperature and other thermodynamic concepts, the foundations of quantum mechanics, and the physical basis of gas, liquid and solid phase properties. It will also present the relationship between macroscopic and microscopic thermodynamics, the molecular basis of transport phenomena and chemical kinetics, and basic concepts in spectroscopy. Modern computational tools for solving thermodynamic problems enable the student to gain knowledge of practical usefulness.

John W. Daily is a Fellow of The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), serves as chair of the AIAA Publications Committee and is a regular contributor to a variety of journals. In addition to teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in thermal sciences (including thermodynamics), he is a founder of Precision Biopsy LLC, a company developing optical biopsy instrumentation for cancer detection.