Published: July 22, 2022

Welcome back, Buffs! We hope you're getting excited for fall semester. Be sure you've got your fall bill covered so you can come to campus relaxed and prepared.

Aid & the Bill

For students beginning fall classes on Aug. 22, your aid will apply to the bill the Monday before the first day of class, on Aug. 15. If your classes begin at a later date, your aid will apply to your bill one week (usually a Monday) before the start of your classes. You may see tuition charges on your bill already, but things like on-campus housing and other charges may not show yet. You'll be able to view your entire fall bill by mid-August, but it's not due until Sept. 5.

The Office of Financial Aid is a popular place at the start of fall term. Avoid long wait times by checking whether you've done the following prior to starting fall semester:

  • Accept your financial aid in Buff Portal.
  • Complete your to-do items in Buff Portal.
  • If you're taking out a federal loan or a Parent PLUS loan, you must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and entrance counseling (or parent respectively). 
  • Check your enrollment level in Buff Portal; your financial aid may be adjusted if you drop below full time. Large scholarships and certain programs require you to be enrolled full time. Federal loans require at least half time enrollment to apply to the bill.
  • If you've previously violated Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), check your status to ensure you're clear to receive financial aid for fall. If you've gotten more than one warning, you won't be eligible to receive aid.
  • To grant your parents access to your financial aid information, complete the FERPA Consent to Release.
  • To grant someone access to view and pay your bill, add them as an authorized payer in Buff Portal.


Received a scholarship for fall semester? Congratulations! Double check you've taken all the steps necessary for your scholarship to apply to your fall bill:

  • If you received a scholarship from the CU Boulder Scholarship Application, make sure you've accepted it and completed any post-acceptance information. From the Scholarships card in Buff Portal, click ‘Apply for & Manage Scholarships’. A new tab will open the CU Boulder Scholarship Application. Click ‘My Applications’ to view the status of your general scholarship application, accept any Offered awards, or complete Post-Acceptance information.
  • Submit your private scholarship check(s) to our office by the first day of class, Monday, August 22!
  • Send your private scholarship donor a "thank you" letter when you receive your check. Review our letter-writing tips for how to send proper "thanks".

Bridging the Gap

If you still have an outstanding gap in what it will cost to attend CU Boulder this fall, you have options

  Payment plan: The Bursar’s Office offers optional payment plans that allow tuition and fees to be paid in monthly installments. Undergraduate and graduate students, or their authorized payers, may enroll providing they meet the eligibility requirements. 

​  Borrow a loan: As a last resort, you can consider a Parent PLUS loan or private loan. You should apply as soon as possible, as the process takes a few weeks from start-to-finish. If you take action now, you may still be able to cover your fall bill before the September 5 due date, otherwise you'll accrue late fees. You'll want to apply each year or term you need the loan. The timing of receiving a private loan can vary greatly depending on your lender. Once your private loan is certified by our office, it will take 10-12 business days for it to disburse due to the mandatory waiting period required by the Truth in Lending Act (TILA).