Scholarships are typically credited to your tuition and fee bill on the Monday before the start of the semester if Scholarship Services has received the funds, you are meeting the minimum enrollment requirements for the scholarship and you are making satisfactory academic progress. You can review the status of your scholarships in Buff Portal.

Private Scholarships

If you received a private scholarship not provided by CU Boulder, checks must be received by 5 p.m. on the first day of class to guarantee no late fees. If a check arrives late, you're responsible for paying your bill on time. We cannot waive late fees for checks that apply to the bill after bill due date.

Private scholarships for $2,500 or more will be split between the fall and spring term unless the donor has specified otherwise. Scholarships for less than $2,500 will be credited to the tuition and fee bill during the term the check is received.

Follow these instructions:

Send Private Scholarship

Enrollment Requirements

Waitlisted, self-paced, and non-credit classes do not count towards minimum enrollment requirements. Private scholarships will be credited to tuition and fee bills at six credit hours for undergraduates and four credit hours for graduates unless full-time enrollment is specified by the donor. We will contact the donor or department providing the scholarship after the drop/add deadline if you do not meet the minimum enrollment requirements.


If CU Boulder receives a scholarship after your tuition and fee account is paid for the semester, or if the scholarship is more than your balance due, a refund may be issued to you. Check your account in Buff Portal to confirm that your credit is posted. Refunds are deposited directly into students' bank accounts. Sign up for direct deposit in Buff Portal. For more information, read the Bursar's Office Refunds Policy.