You will want to know the individual scholarship requirements for maintaining and renewing any scholarships that you receive. These requirements typically include a minimum GPA, full-time enrollment (12 credit hours) and program or service participation. These individual scholarship requirements are in addition to making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  toward your degree to remain eligible for any financial aid. Scholarship Services will notify your donor if you fail to meet CU Boulder SAP standards. We will return scholarship funds if the donor requests that we do so.

Renewing CU Boulder Scholarship Programs

CU Boulder Chancellor's Achievement Scholarship  

The CU Boulder Chancellor's Achievement scholarship is renewable up to eight semesters.

CU Boulder Esteemed Scholars Program

The CU Boulder Esteemed Scholars Program, including the Sewall, Baker and Hall awards, is renewable up to eight semesters.

Presidential Scholarship  

The Presidential Scholarship is renewable up to eight semesters.

Arts & Humanities Merit Scholarship

The Arts & Humanities Merit Scholarship is renewable up to eight semesters.

Other Scholarships  

For other CU Boulder scholarships, contact the school, college, department, or program that awarded your scholarship if you have questions about renewal criteria.