Students who begin at a Colorado Community College can transfer directly to CU Boulder to finish their degree in engineering. Thanks to an integrated partnership, this pathway can be attractive to both community college students, as well as qualified high school students taking concurrent enrollment classes at a local community college. CU Boulder has partnered with four community colleges to provide a pathway and easier transition between colleges. At our partner community colleges, you can complete classes before transferring to CU Boulder and have the peace of mind that your credits will apply directly to your engineering degree. 

For more specific information and advising guides for select community colleges, please see the Colorado Community College Pathways.

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Guaranteed Admission

  • At least two full-time semesters (or 24 credit hours) at a Colorado public institution must be satisfactorily completed immediately prior to the transfer
  • Colorado public institution cumulative GPA of at least 3.30
  • Grades in math, science, engineering, communications and writing courses must be B or better
  • Must complete two semesters of college-level calculus and one of the following sequences:
    • Two semesters of calculus-based physics
    • One semester of calculus-based physics AND one semester of college-level chemistry.
    • Two semesters of college-level chemistry (Recommended for Chemical, Chemical and Biological, and Environmental Engineering applicants.)

Competitive Admission

  • Cumulative college GPA of a 3.00
  • Completion of two semesters of college-level calculus and one semester of calculus-based physics or college-level chemistry
  • Grades in math and science courses should be B or better

NOTE: AP/IB credit does not count towards math/science requirements for transfer admission.

Minimum Academic Preparation Standards (MAPS) are courses that ideally are completed in high school, but can be finished at CU Boulder. MAPS are required for all domestic students and any international students who have completed more than four semesters of U.S. schooling. For more information about MAPS, please see the MAPS requirements page.

If you meet the guaranteed admission criteria along with a minimum GPA of at least 3.60, you will also receive a transfer student scholarship towards your first year of attendance
In addition to the merit-based scholarships, our BOLD Center offers a one-year participation-based scholarship.

In addition to your math, science and engineering coursework, each major in the College of Engineering and Applied Science requires at least 18 credit hours in humanities, social sciences, and writing in order to graduate (note that some majors require more credit hours in this area).  For more information regarding these courses, please review our Colorado Community College approved HSS courses.