100+ Possibilities.

True flexibility and accredited engineering. 

Pursue your passions without the additional cost and time of a second major or minor.

What's the IDE difference?

Hands-on project courses are required each year of the program. These not only equip students with skills to lead team-based initiatives, but is also an opportunity for them to put theory into practice

IDE students can pursue their other passions without the additional cost and time of a second major or minor. Students often find it easier to pursue a minor in the IDE program, when compared to traditional engineering degree programs, especially if the minor is located in a different academic college (Business, Arts and Sciences, etc.)

Many IDE students pursue more than one passion by choosing a concentration and also pursing a minor through the free electives required by the program.

Our concentration system sets pre-professional-track students up for success. For example, in the Pre-Medical Concentration, students can take courses like molecular biology and organic chemistry, which can be challenging to merge with traditional engineering programs.