100+ Possibilities. Design Thinking. The Power to Create.

The flexibility and choice woven throughout the Integrated Design Engineering program provides you with a customizable, interdisciplinary degree and a broad range of career opportunities post-graduation.

Do you want to ...

  • design your own future, not have it directed for you?
  • pursue your passions without the additional cost and time of a second major or minor?
  • earn an ABET-accredited engineering degree, but also have room to explore? 
  • have hands-on engineering experience from day one in smaller, teaching-focused classes? 
  • be part of a supportive, creative, connected community?
  • earn an interdisciplinary engineering degree that also prepares you for careers in teaching, product design, entrepreneurship, technical sales, pre-med, law and many others?
  • attend a professional school (e.g. law, medicine or business) or engineering graduate school after earning a Bachelor's degree?