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The CU Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science welcomes Colorado Community College transfer students. Nearly a quarter of our transfer students come to CU Engineering via the Colorado Community Colleges.  

Our integrated pathways streamline the transfer advising process and ensure that you are maximizing the number of credits that will transfer directly into one of our fourteen Bachelor of Science degrees.  By giving you a more detailed view of your academic plan from start to finish, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are taking all of the classes that you need to be the most efficient when transferring to CU Engineering. 

Associate of Engineering Science (AES) Degree Pathways

The College of Engineering and Applied Science has signed onto multiple AES degree pathways with the Colorado Community College System.  In addition to the transfer guide resources below, the AES Pathways are availabel to any student at a Colorado Community College offering these new Associate's degrees and courses will apply the same as within the institution-specific pathways below. 

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Below you will find detailed transfer guides for each College of Engineering and Applied Science major, starting at a specific Colorado Community College. Use these guides in conjunction with the tools (such as admission criteria, scholarships, etc...) and information in the Colorado Community College Transfer page to be the most informed about the transfer process.

The following criteria is for admission purposes directly to CU Engineering Bachelor of Science Degree Programs.  If you meet the following criteria, you will be guaranteed admission to the major of your choice. 
This criteria does NOT apply to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. 

  1. At least two full-time semesters (or 24 credit hours) at a Colorado Community College must be satisfactorily completed immediately prior to the transfer.
  2. Completion of two semesters of college-level Calculus
  3. Complete one of the following science courses:
    • PHY 2111 – Physics 1
    • PHY 2112 – Physics 2
    • CHE 1111 – General College Chemistry 1
      • CHE 1112 strongly recommended for Chemical, Chemical & Biological, and Environmental Engineering applicants
  4. Complete one engineering course from the following list:
    • EGG/EGT 1040
    • EGG 1060
    • CSC 1060
    • EGG 1030 AND EGG 1051
    • EGG 2011
  5. All grades in math, science, engineering, and computer science courses of B or better. 
  6. Cumulative college GPA of 3.00 

Arapahoe Community College
Transfer Pathway Guide 

Colorado Mountain College - Steamboat Springs Campus
Transfer Pathway Guide

Community College of Aurora
Transfer Pathway Guide

Community College of Denver
Transfer Pathway Guide

Front Range Community College 
Transfer Pathway Guide

Pikes Peak Community College 
Transfer Pathway Guide - coming soon

Red Rocks Community College
Transfer Pathway Guide

For more information regarding transfer credits from a Colorado Community College, contact the Office of Admissions or email your transcript to for a preliminary evaluation.

If you still have advising related questions, after contacting the Office of Admissions, contact: