During freshman and sophomore years, students complete the College of Engineering core curriculum alongside CTD core courses. During junior and senior years, coursework consists of electives in different focus areas, such as user interface and user experience (UI/UX), sound design, interactive computing, robotics, internet of things, physical computing, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), game design and more. Students finally participate in a two-semester Senior Capstone sequence where they produce the most significant, culminating project of their undergraduate career. 

To complete the major, students must maintain a C-grade or higher in all required courses.

CTD students are exposed to regular professional development opportunities, workshops and guest speakers. Many secure internships with industry partners and/or work in research and student labs. Their classwork prepares them to enter the job market with robust portfolios of creative projects.

 Design (ATLS 1100), Code (ATLS 1300), MIT (ATLS 2000), Image (ATLS 2100), Web (ATLS 2200), Text (ATLS 2300), Form (ATLS 3100), Sound (ATLS 3200), Object (ATLS 3300), Focus (Electives 1 through 6), CPT (Electives 1 & 2) Captones (ATLS 4100 & 4200)