Summer tuition and fees are based on the number of credit hours that a student is registered for, the college, and the student's residency. Visit the Bursar's website for more information.

Students may register for up to 15 credit hours during summer, which includes Maymester.

Yes. Students on Academic Recovery may enroll in classes via the Buff Portal. Students on Academic Suspension request enrollment through the Continuing Education Course Request Form.

These courses end in the suffix EN such as MCEN 3012 or GEEN 1300.

No, these courses fulfill degree requirements but are offered through the College of Arts & Sciences. You can take one of these courses, but you will still need to register for one engineering course for the scholarship.

The College of Engineering and Applied Science may make summer awards in certain years. Students are typically required to enroll in and complete at least 6 credit hours during the CU Boulder Summer Session, of which one 3-credit class must be a CU Boulder engineering course. Email for more information.

Yes, for students who apply for summer and meet the financial aid criteria. Please visit the Financial Aid website.

Yes, COF is available for Colorado residents during the summer. Visit the COF website for more information.

Yes, students need to contact the professor and their department to arrange an independent study. Most engineering departments have an independent study credit hour limit.

Students should refer to Add/Drop/Withdrawal deadlines for the appropriate term(s) as shown on the Summer Session calendars.

Yes, the college welcomes students from other engineering colleges to take CU summer classes. Students may register though Continuing Education at CU.

Yes. Students should contact the Admissions Office at to request changing their start term from fall to summer.

Yes. See the “Nondegree or Guest Students” section under How to Apply.

All College of Engineering & Applied Science students must have an approved petition before enrolling in a class on a pass/fail grading basis. Check with your academic advisor before submitting a petition.