The Master of Science degree gives you flexibility in defining specialized interdisciplinary fields that meet your professional needs. The department offers a research based and a course based Master's degree in Computer Science. Regardless of the option students opt to complete, the completion Diploma is for Master's in Computer Science degree.

Research-Based (Traditional) MS Options

  • Thesis
  • Non-Thesis - Independent Study Research

Course-Based (Professional) MS Options

  • General Track
  • Sub-plan Options

Please visit the Dual Degrees & Interdisciplinary Programs page for more information on a professional master’s offered jointly by computer science and the Department of Linguistics that may be of interest for CS students. 

Research-based vs. Course-based Master's

If you’re trying to decide between these two programs, here are a few main points of differentiation.

  • Research-based MS students can move into the PhD program more easily. 
  • A thesis option and independent study research options are available for the research-based MS, but not for a course-based MS.
  • More research opportunities are available to research-based MS students.
  • Various sub-plan options are available for course-based MS students.
  • Course-based (professional) MS students are not eligible for part-time instructor positions, or for teaching or research assistantships – only hourly appointments.

For the full requirements and rules for each degree, please see their respective degree requirements pages.