Wildfire is getting worse. A report from the front lines.Read more

son and mom

A Family Tale

A 2012 accident paralyzed Marty O'Connor below the shoulders. When he went to business school, a study buddy joined him for every class.Read more

14er illustration

Where'd My 14er Go?

A new way of measuring elevation in the U.S. will yield the most accurate results yet — but might cost Colorado a couple 14ers.Read more

tepley house

A Houseful of Tepleys

One house on The Hill. One family. Four generations of Buffs.Read more



Online education gains steam at CU Boulder.Read more

ivan orkin

Ramen King

Japan went crazy for Ivan Orkin's ramen. Now America has the fever.Read more

australian illustration

Ancient Beasts of Australia

What killed them off? A CU scientist with an arctic pedigree thinks he's found the answer in the hot Australian interior.Read more


campus in the snow

NOW — October 2017

Snow came to campus early this fall.Read more

old main fire escape

A Quiet Moment

See more campus doorways in this issue.Read more

Lori Peek

Inquiry: Lori Peek

Lori Peek, a CU Boulder sociology professor, directs the university’s Natural Hazards Center.Read more

fairy circles

Circles in the Sand

A CU ecologist tackles a mystery in Africa.Read more


The Trip

CU architecture student Bob White was sitting in his red 1962 4x4 Chevy truck in Circle, Alaska, out of money, food, gas and options.Read more

accordian player

To Finland, with Love

A student's musical homage to a nation wins a hearing before the ambassador.Read more


Campus News Briefs – Winter 2017

Boulder named happiest city, Cassini's dramatic end, a dance legend and new marijuana research.Read more

doorways of cu boulder

Doorways of CU Boulder

There are more than 360 buildings at CU Boulder and thousands of doorways. Have you strolled through some of these?Read more

Glenn Miller

Origins: The Gold Record

The first-ever gold record went to Big Band leader Glenn Miller.Read more


Infographic: Wildfire

Wildfires are growing more destructive in the United States, especially but not only in the American West.Read more

cu boulder next map

CU Boulder Next

Nine-stop national tour puts CU's talent on display.Read more


Alumni Briefs – Winter 2017

Roaming Buffs Trips, Crested Butte ski trip and the Forever Buffs Online Store.Read more

phil distefano

Q&A with the Chancellor – Winter 2017

Highlights of the Chancellor's announcement regarding the elimination of course fees.Read more

cross country

Dominant Cross-Country Takes Pac-12 Title

Colorado is synonymous with cross-country excellence.Read more

evan battey

Sports Briefs – Winter 2017

Tad Boyle questions NCAA decision, Dave Plati's football streak ends and other sports tidbits.Read more

tad boyle

Talking with Tad Boyle

Tad Boyle addresses the value of boisterous fans and pick-up games with alumni in the NBA — and offers a formula for a Final Four team.Read more

John Warner

Adventure Dentist

John Warner has climbed mountains, raced mountain bikes and served as a mayor, search-and-rescue volunteer, orchestra backer and dentist.Read more

smart gun

Making Guns Safer

Margot Hirsch believes there’s a way to minimize violence without wading deep into the fraught debate about legislative gun control.Read more

Jill Seubert

One Second

Jill Seubert had done everything possible to ensure their calculations and directions were correct.Read more

magazine spread

Letters – Winter 2017

Readers' responses to the Ralphie-themed issue of the fall Coloradan.Read more

misty campus photo

Social Buffs – Winter 2017

Eerie fog greets campus on Halloween.Read more

World War I

THEN – World War I

A collection of World War I photographs.Read more