How to Search

Click the Register for Classes button in MyCUInfo. Select the term you're enrolling in, then click Continue. If you haven't completed your preregistration items yet, you'll be required to do so. The student enrollment page includes a search block, your shopping cart and your class schedule. Don't be surprised if you see a class or two already in your schedule; some programs pre-enroll their students in one or more classes. When searching for classes, be as specific as you can (see the next section). If your search is too general, you'll get an error message requesting additional search criteria.

Class Search Criteria

When searching for classes, you can specify the following search criteria.

  • Institution: Select CU Boulder.
  • Term: Select the upcoming term.
  • Campus: Choose Boulder Main Campus unless you're specifically searching for Continuing Education classes.
  • Subject: Click the Select Subject button to browse for the subject you want, or enter it in the box.
  • Course Number: If you know the course you're looking for, enter its four-digit course number. If not, you can leave this blank, but make sure you provide additional search criteria when possible.
  • Course Career: Most students will choose Undergraduate.
  • Checkboxes: We recommend selecting Show Open Classes Only (your search results will not include closed or waitlisted classes) and Show Schedule Conflict Indicator (a graphic tells you if a class you're trying to enroll in has a time conflict with a class you're already enrolled in). 

Click the green arrowhead to expand the additional search criteria. Use these options to limit your search to classes that, for instance, fulfill your program's core requirements, meet during specific times of day or days of the week, or offer a certain number of credits.

To find classes that meet core requirements, use these criteria:

  • Class Attribute (Core, GT, Honors etc.): Select Boulder A&S Core Requirements if you're trying to find courses that meet some of your college/school/program's core requirements.
  • Course Attribute Value: Select the specific core requirement you're trying to fulfill.

Review Search Results

On the Search Results page, expand the course section to see the class(es) offered this term. Class details include the five-digit class number, three-digit section number, class meeting day/time, room number, instructor, number of credits offered ("units") and available seats. You may be unable to enroll in a class if the number of seats available is zero, if there's an enrollment restriction that you don't meet or if department/instructor consent is required.

Click on the class number or section number to open the class detail for additional information like course description, COF eligibility, class components (e.g., lab, recitation, studio), grading options (i.e., letter grade, no credit, pass/fail), enrollment requirements (e.g., prerequisites, restricted to department majors only, etc.) and class notes (i.e., additional information the department wants students to know).

When finished, don't use your browser's back button! To return to the search results page, click View Search Results.

Status and Warning Icons

The following indicators are displayed as symbols (alt text is in parentheses):

  • Green circle (Open): The class is open (seats are available).
  • Blue square (Closed): The class is closed; you cannot enroll in it.
  • Yellow triangle (Wait List): The class is closed, but a waitlist exists.
  • Yellow hazard sign (Schedule Conflict): There's a schedule conflict between the class and one you've already enrolled in.

Add a Class to Your Shopping Cart

When you find a class you want, check to see if it's available (alt text will read "Open") and click Select. If the class has additional class components, you'll be taken to a Related Class Sections page to select an available class component from the list, then click Next. On the Enrollment Preferences page, select the grading method (i.e., letter grade, no credit, pass/fail), then click Next. If you need to, you can change this selection until the third Friday of the term. If successful, a message confirms that the class has been added to your shopping cart. You can now either search for another course, or move on to Enroll in Classes if you're in your enrollment appointment (see Enroll in Classes).