There are multiple steps and approvals required in order to transfer an existing award to another institution when a Principal Investigator (PI) is leaving CU Boulder and wishes to transfer active awards.

How the transfer request is initiated depends on the sponsor. Some agencies such as NSF and NIH have an online process. In other cases, it may be handled through email correspondence with the sponsor.

Typically a transfer will involve relinquishing the unexpended balance on an award back to the sponsor, who will then reissue it to the new institution.

Required supporting documentation typically includes a budget, budget justification, and statement of work. There may be additional requirements depending on the sponsor. The PI and/or the Department Research Administrator will need to work with the CCO Grant Accountant to ensure there are no outstanding encumbrances and to determine the final transfer amount.

Your OCG Grant or Contract Officer will submit the transfer request to the sponsor. Prior to doing so, OCG will need an Award Relinquishment Letter stating that the Department does not wish to nominate a substitute PI for the award, the effective date of the transfer, the transfer amount, whether there is equipment on the award, and that the Department agrees to be responsible for any overexpenditures. The letter must be signed by the Department Chair or Director and the PI.

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