The Office of Information Technology's Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS) program supports OCG staff computers. When you have computer hardware or software problem, you should submit a ticket using your CU IdentiKey or send an email to Dedicated Desktop Support assists with:

  • Solving computer hardware and software problems
  • Maintaining our computer systems
  • Ensuring our systems are properly backed up and safe from intruders

Do not request new computers or software purchases through Desktop Support. Any new equipment or software needs you have should go through your supervisor with final approval from the Director or Deputy Director.

Phishing E-mails - Report Suspicious Messages

Keeping the campus community safe from malicious attempts to steal personal information, also known as phishing, requires constant vigilance. Because phishing attempts often target only a select number of people in the campus community, our ability to alert the campus is dependent on people like you reporting any suspected phishing attempts. We appreciate your willingness to report phishing attempts as it makes the Internet a safer place for the entire campus community.

If you have received a message that you believe could be a malicious attempt to gain personal information and it is not already listed on the Phishing Emails page, please report it. To report a message you suspect to be an email scam or phishing attack, please send that message as an attachment (RFC-822 MIME encoded) to

If you do not know how to send a message as an attachment, please follow the directions on the Phishing Emails page. When the message is sent as an attachment it includes header information which can be used to identify the source of the message which can in turn help us block delivery of the message to other people on our campus or prevent visits to phishing sites.