Colorado Water Conservation BoardPartner: Colorado Water Conservation Board

Members: Bianca Valdez, Hannah O’Neill, Jakki Davison

In preparation for the 2020 cycle of the Colorado Water Plan (CWP), the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) is undertaking a critical assessment of the first CWP process and identifying specific improvement and engagement needs for the next comprehensive update. Masters of the Environment (MENV) graduate students Hannah, Bianca, and Jakki have partnered with CWCB to perform a systematic review of the three main processes in the state’s water planning cycle: statewide supply analysis, basin planning, and a comprehensive update of the CWP. The development of targeted recommendations for the next cycle of updates necessitates a critical review of current documents, thoughtful engagement with stakeholders, and production of streamlined communications tools. This work will directly support each basin roundtable and stakeholders at-large to implement the best available science into planning decisions. The graduate students will have opportunities to represent CU Boulder and CWCB at various statewide conferences and meetings with delegates from different Colorado watersheds. Students will produce a summary of recommendations for the individual basin roundtable plans, recommendations for how the 2019 future supply analysis can be incorporated or support the 2020 CWP update, and accompanying visuals to improve stakeholder engagement and process support.