Are you interested in working with a team of talented MENV graduate students in 2023 to help you solve an environmental, sustainability, or organizational challenge? We invite you to submit a project proposal to work with master's students in the MENV Gradute Program. Please submit a project proposal using the template below. Our faculty and staff are available to answer any questions that you may have - and to help you develop a meaningful project proposal.

All project proposals are to be submitted as a PDF file to Myles Maland, MENV Associate Director, at The final deadline to submit your proposal is Friday, October 28, 2022. Please review the links below for more information. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email

Capstone Project Application

Capstone Project Slide Deck

Capstone Handbook

MENV Capstone Proposal Template

  1. Title page
    Proposed project title/topic
    Partner organization name
    Partner lead name/title   
    Contact information (mailing address, phone, email)
    Partner website
  2. Project executive summary (250-400 words)
    Please provide a summary of the project purpose, goals, and outcomes. Please share what success looks like, why this project is important to your organization, and any relevant background information.
  3. Anticipated deliverables    
    Selected projects will be completed by a team of 3-4 students. What deliverables would you like students to produce throughout the course of the project? How will these products be implemented and used within your organization? Who is the intended audience?
  4. Required skills & experience
    Are there required skills and experience (technical and interpersonal) that students must have to address this project successfully? This information will be used to determine which students are qualified to be considered for the project.
  5. Project worksite and location(s)
    Where will the student be located for the project? How much of the work will be completed in-person vs. remote? Will students work at your organization’s office or worksite?  Is there any anticipated travel (e.g. field work, meetings, conferences, etc.)? 
  6. Compensation 
    Capstone project selection is a competitive process. While compensation is one of many factors that students consider, paid projects are the most sought after and competitive. We highly encourage, but do not require, Capstone partners to compensate students. Capstone partners commonly offer a summer compensation of $2,000-$6,000, which could come in the form of W-2 employment, 1099 contractor status, or a stipend. Will your organization compensate students? If so, please describe the arrangements. (Note: Partners are required the cover all of the direct costs associated with projects, e.g. travel expenses, software, printing, supplies, etc.)
  7. Project budget 
    What are the anticipated costs of the project? Note that partner organizations must cover direct project costs (e.g. travel expenses, software, printing, supplies, etc.)
  8. Professional development        
    Students deeply value mentorship; opportunities to build their professional networks; participating in relevant conferences, events, and internal meetings; and opportunities to develop career-ready skills through their Capstone project. How will the project lead and your organization provide mentorship and professional development to students? What professional and skill development opportunities will students have in connection with this project?