Chris Nicoletti

In addition to teaching in the MENV Graduate Program, Chris leads iDE’s global measurement efforts, including rigorous impact evaluations, designing and implementing efficient management information systems, and effectively communicating data and results. He first began working with iDE as an economics graduate student, conducting an impact evaluation of iDE Zambia’s RPI program for his Master’s thesis in Agricultural and Resource Economics from Colorado State University. Chris has experience carrying out both randomized and quasi-experimental impact evaluations, as well as model-based impact estimation, working on Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Millennium Challenge Corporation funded programs in Africa. He honed his expertise on the socioeconomic impacts of water development on household welfare and crop production by working on impact evaluations for NORC at the University of Chicago. In addition to his M.S. degree, Chris has a B.S. degree from Linfield College in Economics and Psychology.