Paul Dreyer

By appointment only, Mondays (in-person in room SEEC S243) 2:30pm – 3:30pm MT or by appointment via Zoom

Born in South Africa, Paul moved to the U.S. as a small child, and has continued to seek out travel, adventure, and education ever since. He has worked in and around the worlds of experiential education, leadership development, and group psychology for over 20 years. His scope of practice has been varied; he has worked as a facilitator, curriculum designer, expeditionary leader, risk management consultant, staff trainer, and counselor. Much of his experience comes from teaching, leading, directing, and counseling groups or organizations in remote and challenging settings or environments around the world. For almost 10 years, he also served as the CEO with Avid4 Adventure helping support the mission to empower kids to choose active and healthy outdoor lifestyles.