Partner: Black Label Real Estate

Members: Melissa Carnicle, Lydia McWilliams, Stephen DowneyBlack Label

Black Label Real Estate Oceanfront Eco-Villa Resort aims to be a completely sustainable vacation resort for visitors to Puerto Rico. The future resort will be on a specially zoned area of the retired Roosevelt Roads Naval Station. The project will work directly with Puerto Rico’s Land Redevelopment Authority (LRA) to build the resort to Puerto Rico’s and LRA’s standards. There is minimal infrastructure on-site, so the Eco-Villa Resort will be a ground-up project, with the intent to provide a model for sustainability across the island.

The key areas of focus for this project contribute to the core infrastructure of the resort. These areas include: 1) Water Capture, Storage, and Distribution, 2) Solar Capture and Storage, and 3) all aspects of Waste Management for the Resort. The MENV Graduate student team will conduct research - specific to the resort’s geographic location and site layout -  and provide analysis to Black Label and LRA’s approved designers and engineers on these 3 main focus areas.

At present, Black Label’s pre-development phase is slated to run for one calendar year, January 2019 - December 2019, so the MENV graduate team will provide recommendations and contribute to an iterative pre-development process over the course of 2019.