GUBPartner: Growing Up Boulder

Members: Grace Carlin, Jing Liu, Hunter Meldman

Since 2009, Growing Up Boulder (GUB) has been an industry leader in youth and community engagement in participatory processes centered around decision-making and design at the urban-wildland interface. They aim to make Boulder a city accessible and welcoming to children and youth as well as to adults. The leading focus of this capstone is GUB’s current project, the Child-Friendly City (CFC) Map: it “seeks to educate and inspire children, families, and community organizations through the creation of a printed, child-friendly city map that highlights child-friendly locations, while valuing inclusion, diversity, community engagement, collaboration, and celebration.” This bilingual map (English and Spanish) will include no-cost recreation areas, green spaces, and accessible transportation, as identified by children and their families.

After finalizing and distributing the CFC Map in May 2019, MENV students Grace Carlin, Jing Liu, and Hunter Meldman will scale the process up to create a Teen-Friendly City (TFC) Map. Throughout the year, they will also compile a Child-Friendly City Map Toolkit of best practices and recommendations so that other city leaders around the country might implement GUB’s principles of inclusion, accessibility, and youth outreach. Both the TFC Map and the CFC Map Toolkit are scheduled for release in December 2019.