Partner: City of Boulder Climate Commitment TeamCity of Boulder

Members: Sarah Ditton & Skye Fabrizio

This project is a partnership between CU Boulder MENV candidates and the City of Boulder Climate Commitment Team. The Climate Commitment Team is focused on three key aspects of sustainability: ecosystems, energy, and resources. In 2019 the Climate Commitment Team wishes to partner with the MENV team to work on the resource portion of Boulder’s Climate Commitment. Within resources, the project will focus on food waste and excess within the City of Boulder.

The project will begin with preliminary research and stakeholder engagement to gain a better understanding of Boulder’s current food system. Using this understanding, the Climate Commitment Team and MENV team will launch one or two pilot projects aiming to decrease food waste or excess in the City of Boulder. Depending on further considerations, the MENV team may also play key roles in designing and working with the Resources Team to plan a Resources focused-summit. The main deliverables of this capstone project will be the implemented pilot project(s), research & stakeholder feedback reports, resources/toolkit for actions, policy recommendations, and a public-facing document on the current state of food waste in Boulder.