Planet BluegrassPartner: Planet Bluegrass

Group Members: Burton Richards, Haylee Rea, Grace Hutchinson, Amanda Tollberg

Planet Bluegrass is a Colorado-based company focused on live music and education. Each year they host music festivals throughout Colorado - the most notable being the Telluride Bluegrass Festival held in Telluride, CO, as well as several on their main campus in Lyons, CO. As a company, they have accomplished several admirable sustainability goals in the areas of water, energy, food, and waste. Planet Bluegrass contact the Masters of the Environment Graduate Program to help improve on their past goals, track their progress, and explore how they could further push the conversations of sustainability within the festival and entertainment industry.

The MENV graduate student consultants on this project are working to evaluate Planet Bluegrass’ current sustainability goals and create tracking standards to measure their progress. In addition, there will be a full audit done on the “Green” section of their website in order to strategize an effective redesign to communicate the importance of sustainability to their public. This partnership will allow Planet Bluegrass to continue being an industry leader in Colorado by setting long term strategic goals in the areas of carbon neutrality, waste management and as a Public Benefit Corporation.