schneider electric logoPartner: Schneider Electric

Group Members: Anna Marr, Sean McArdle, Steven Morris, Rosalyn Thompson

As corporate organizations commit to adopting sustainable business approaches to their operations, purchasing renewable energy (RE) is an attractive option for progressing towards carbon neutrality. Schneider Electric offers these corporations various consulting and advising services for achieving their greenhouse gas reduction goals. This project focuses on improving the delivery of market analysis and global RE procurement opportunities for corporate clients to explore through creating an integrated database for global RE opportunities that Schneider Electric’s clients may pursue. The projected outcomes of this project are increasing efficiency for client portfolio analysis of RE procurement opportunities and removing the need for Schneider Electric consultants and specialists to manually input data into deliverables. To accomplish this, the MENV team will conduct an in-depth review of existing global RE opportunities, followed by creating a centralized database for these opportunities and automating reporting on the data. Upon completing this project, Schneider Electric analysts will continue updating the system and improving the experience of exploring RE procurement strategies for both Schneider Electric's internal team and their corporate clients.