city of boulder and drawdown logosPartners: City of Boulder, Urban Drawdown Initiative

Group Members: Ariana Borrello, Alexander Giles, Maddy Nesbit, Daniela Uribe

This project focuses on building training tools for municipalities to engage in effective carbon management planning at the local level in collaboration with the City of Boulder and the Urban Drawdown Initiative (UDI). The MENV team will be trained in ecological systems, community engagement and organizing, carbon management, carbon accounting, and climate action to effectively support a select group of cities in their use and adaptation of new and improving carbon management tools. Carbon management assessments created with the insights from these tools will highlight opportunities for carbon drawdown in ecosystem services and green infrastructure in urban environments. The vision is that carbon management assessments will eventually be integrated into climate action plans. As such, they will provide valuable blueprints that communities can use to equitably mitigate climate change, increase resilience, and store carbon. The MENV team is tasked with taking the promise of this vision into practice. This project’s final deliverables will be a carbon management training guide document and webinar that cities everywhere can use to inform the creation of their initial carbon management assessments. Alternatively, cities could use these tools and the training guide to consider climate-friendly land-use practices. Ultimately, the project's final deliverables will support UDI’s goal of disseminating effective carbon management tools and practices to cities around the world.