frontline farming logoPartner: Frontline Farming

Group Members: Jackie Burggraaf, Cole Dickerson, Hannah Wallace

This Capstone team, in partnership with Frontline Farming, will be comprehensively developing a framework for the Field Exchange Program set to pilot in the summer of 2022. The Field Exchange Program will be an overnight, immersive program with a goal of introducing students to agriculture based education and opportunities throughout traditional, new, and alternative agricultural practices in both urban and rural Colorado. This program will bring together students from Metro Denver and rural Colorado, farm and ranch hosts from across Colorado, and program facilitators to build community and provide pathways for students to receive agricultural education. Students from urban centers will spend a week on rural farms and students from rural communities will spend a week on urban farms. The MENV team's goal is to form the framework for the pilot through their deliverable objectives; program requisites, participant recruitment and curriculum design. Throughout the project, the Capstone team will be engaging with various stakeholders to ensure the program will be culturally relevant, holistic, and provide youth with transformative experiences.