Partner: Green Sports Alliance green sports alliance logo

Group Members: Eliza Mullen, Lizzy Anast 

The Green Sports Alliance (GSA) is an environmentally focused trade organization working to connect stakeholders across the sporting world. Teams, venues, corporate partners, athletes and leagues from all around the globe join the Alliance in order to promote healthy and sustainable communities where we live, work, and play. The Green Sports Alliance works to provide its members with numerous resources to improve sustainability efforts, such as: a Fan Engagement Playbook, Paper Use Playbook, and more. Many members of the organization are universities who face a unique set of challenges in moving towards zero waste at sporting events due to the complexity of decision making in institutions of higher education. Masters of the Environment (MENV) students will create a Zero Waste Playbook to provide a holistic and collaborative resource for collegiate members interested in increasing their diversion from landfill waste. The playbook will integrate academic literature, insights from top zero waste universities, case studies, and purchasing guidelines to create a roadmap for GSA members to achieve zero waste events.