Partner: Anthesis Groupanthesis group logo

Group Members: Maria McDonald, Alyssa Cobos, Taylor Clayton 

In collaboration with the sustainability consulting firm, Anthesis Group, the MENV capstone team aims to assist in improving the efficiency and quality of Anthesis Group’s Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) consulting offering, as well as developing future strategic opportunities for market expansion. The team will onboard within the firm via exposure to a variety of sustainability consulting sectors, and will then focus the majority of the capstone time diving into CDP reporting for Anthesis Group’s larger Fortune 500 clients. Through training and practice, the Anthesis capstone team will develop expertise assisting global clients in managing each client’s approach to climate and water risk management within their annual CDP responses. This skill set will be applied to clients in myriad industries, ranging from food systems to apparel and more. To culminate the project, the team will present recommendations for operational improvement via the delivery of CDP Water Security and Climate Change projects to clients, as well as present recommendations for future market-building activities that can be gleaned from CDP reporting responses and processes, including climate risk analysis, CDP forests service expansion, social equity considerations, and relationship to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).