Partner: EarthHero 

Group Members: Frannie Miles, Kathleen Chappelear, Caroline Fabricius, Kevin TrautmanEarthHero Logo

The purpose of this project is to work with EarthHero to create greater transparency in their product line, including the evaluation of the sustainability of products available on the EarthHero site. The MENV team will be working to create a detailed and data-backed framework to conduct this evaluation. This project will include a thorough investigation into which, if any, information-governance strategies are an effective means to achieve EarthHero’s stated goals. 

Throughout the project, the team will be looking into each stage of the product selection process, including material inputs, manufacturing processes, corporate responsibility and give-back, waste reduction capabilities, and packaging. The final deliverable will be a framework and tools for the evaluation of individual products in terms of sustainability. The design process of this framework will involve the evaluation of a selection of products on the EarthHero site according to various methodologies to develop a deep understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of potential systems of evaluation. The final framework will be built from the discoveries made in this process.