Partners: Terra Genesis International and Mad AgricultureTerra Genesis LogoMad ag logo

Group Members: Katharine Bartel, Lauren Dunteman, Colleen Johns, Randy Pistacchio

The Regenerative Supply Web Weaving project is a partnership between Mad Agriculture (Mad Ag) and Terra Genesis International (TGI). Students from the University of Colorado’s Masters of the Environment program are working closely with Mad Ag, TGI, and other leaders in the growing regenerative economy and agricultural space to co-develop a guide for future regenerative supply practitioners and fellows to expand upon and utilize in this emergent field. The project focuses on the growing need to help food and fiber brands develop regenerative supply webs to consciously regenerate agricultural systems and develop and empower communities. The team is developing a toolkit to define and provide the essential thought frameworks, resources, networks, and skills necessary for traditional supply practitioners to become regenerative supply practitioners. The toolkit will be nuanced and complex, yet tangible and accessible, compiling integrated knowledge, research, and technology to evolve capacity in understanding regenerative supply. Current and future supply practitioners will pilot the toolkit with brands to guide them towards a deeper embodiment of regeneration in their business strategy, operations, and leadership.