Partner: Colorado Energy OfficeColorado Energy Office log

Group Members: Griffin Ferrara, Michael Cain

Jared Polis’ instatement as the governor of Colorado has brought environmental concerns to the forefront of the state’s policy decisions. This project aims to assist the Colorado Energy Office in developing and understanding local government sustainability strategies for achieving Governor Polis’s 2025 and 2050 goals. Specifically, this project aims to build greater cooperation and coordination between the Energy Office and local governments through the development, distribution and analysis of a sustainability questionnaire survey. Once this information has been analyzed, the project will then look to identify promising local sustainability plans that could be implemented at the state level. Additionally, the project team will participate in stakeholder engagement across the state as well as provide education on Energy Office initiatives and programs that might be of interest. This information will be disseminated via the Energy Office’s new website that will serve as a resource (‘toolbox’) to any organization, government etc. seeking guidance on sustainability. This process will span the year of 2020 with the aim to provide a holistic web-based resource for any local government seeking to increase their knowledge on sustainability, sustainable practices, potential actions, etc.