Partner: Governors’ Climate and Forests Task ForceGCF task force logo

Group Members: Mikkela Blanton, Vasco Chavez-Molina, Ashley Lane, Marissa Miller, Alyssa Withrow

The investment strategy pitch book will serve as a tool to potential investors who are interested in tracking their impact, as well as improving supply chain integrity and sustainability. The pitch book will not only provide a “menu” of investment options and on-the-ground programs but also highlight the positive impacts of a jurisdictional approach and options for companies that are interested in connecting supply chain objectives to broader deforestation-free supply chain goals. Because the pitch book will be focused on an area where the GCF Task Force has had a positive impact, the pitch book will also serve as an opportunity to highlight the GCF Task Force’s work and efficacy. As such, the pitch book serves to 1) spur development and investment by attracting potential investors, 2) showcase the relationship that the GCF Task Force maintains with stakeholders in one forested area, as well as the to-date success of the GCF Task Force in that area, and 3) bring attention to the issue of deforestation and help investors make more sustainable decisions regarding their investment opportunities.