Partner: Guzman Energy

Group Members: Nathan Stottler and Kayla CareyGuzman Energy logo

In recent years, the United States has seen increasing public demands for a rapid transition to clean energy. The time is now for private companies and state governments to shape the future of the energy space. With momentum growing in the economic and political spheres, clean energy is poised for a bright future. 

Guzman Energy is a full-service wholesale power provider focused on providing market-based solutions to address their customers’ energy goals by delivering reliable, clean and affordable power. This project seeks to objectively identify challenges and opportunities of cooperative exits for meeting the needs of distribution electric cooperatives (DECs) while also investigating their role in the clean energy transition.

The students will perform case studies, canvas stakeholders, and conduct in-depth policy analyses to identify the challenges and opportunities presented by cooperative exits. Additionally, the team will aid in messaging and conduct analyses of current policy initiatives in state legislatures and actions in public utilities commissions, across the U.S., to recommend measures that support the company’s objectives.