Partner: Boundless LandscapesBoundless landscapes logo

Group Members: Dani McLean, Emma Layman, Dylan O’Neill, Josh Yuen-Schat

The monopolization of industrial agriculture, hyper-dependence on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, lack of access to affordable healthy food, and the unsustainable prevalence of lawns have created a food system ripe for change.

Boundless Landscapes seeks to spearhead this change by converting lawns and underutilized community spaces into food gardens. After piloting in Boulder in 2019, the public-benefit corporation now has its eye towards expansion in 2020. This capstone project will assist them in identifying the most effective, efficient pathways to scale by studying local, state, and national policies, uncovering challenges in similar existing business models, and identifying key leverage points to scaling. This project will culminate in the creation of a blueprint to scale Boundless Landscapes,which will inform the future development of local, sustainable, and community-led food systems in Colorado and beyond.