Partner: Western Resource Advocates

Group Members: Tori Kauffman and Anjani Moro

Western Resource Advocates is a conservation non-profit organization that is currently engaged with the implementation of Colorado House Bill 1261. HB 1261 sets greenhouse gas emission reduction Wester Resource Advocates Lgotargets for the state of Colorado. WRA recognizes that agriculture is a major emitter of greenhouse gases, and this sector must be taken into account in order for the state to reach its emission reductions targets. Reducing such emissions would provide co-benefits across other sectors, including public and environmental health.  

The capstone team will work with WRA to determine the best policy recommendations to mitigate agricultural greenhouse gas emissions in the state of Colorado.  Over the course of 2020, the team will conduct a review of sources of agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions, analyze existing policies addressing agricultural emissions in other states, and engage with stakeholders in order to determine the best policy proposals to help Colorado meet the HB 1261 targets.