Handbook for a Sustainable Wardrobe

In This Together MediaIn collaboration with In This Together media, this project aims to raise awareness of the importance of shopping ethically and sustainably when building a wardrobe. The project will compile research, interviews, and other data to create the deliverable - a “special issue” style magazine - 8" X 10/12" 4-color multi-page publication. The project will include articles discussing ways to have a more sustainable wardrobe such as embracing secondhand clothing and selecting natural, biodegradable fabrics; some history of fashion; and reasons to shop sustainably. The project will be targeted to the young adult audience, most of which is beginning to develop a wardrobe and spends on fashion’s 2+ trillion dollar global business. Fashion plays a significant role in our current climate problems as it uses up non-renewable resources and pollutes both water and air. In particular, America has a huge issue with “fast fashion,” and these are the individuals consuming the bulk of it, but they are not fully aware of the environmental impact of their habits. The goal is to provide a tool for young adults to “vote with their dollars,” in preparation for adulthood. The hope is that they will learn better-for-the-environment purchasing habits, and why they should care.