Pathways to Adoption of Electric and Autonomous-Mobility as a Service

Rocky Mountain InstituteThrough the analysis of mobility data and extensive literature review of behavior change and mobility behavior, the team seeks to address questions regarding transportation and electric, autonomous-mobility as a service (EA-MaaS). Such questions involve defining target market segments based on socio-economic, demographic, and other factors, with each segment being characterized by how they value different attributes of transportation (e.g. cost, travel time, convenience) relative to one another. The aim is to determine what explicit data is available to help size potential markets and validate characterization efforts and investigate what modes of EA-MaaS would be more or less likely to be adopted. The team looks to encourage individuals to transition from personally owned, single-use vehicles to carbon-efficient ride share and other EA-MaaS solutions. The ultimate plan is to aid in the development of a predictive, scalable platform that will assist companies, cities, and other entities in successfully transitioning away from personally owned vehicles to the form of public/private transportation that best suits their needs.