The Outdoor Industry's Impact on Human and Environmental Health

Outdoor Industry AssociationPublic lands, bodies of water, and wilderness spaces are threatened from private industry, urban sprawl, and a changing climate. Between a rapidly changing environment and a human population that is suffering from a deficit of time spent outdoors, it is more important than ever for citizens and the outdoor industry to stand together, unified, to push for change in policy. This team will focus on discovering what policy answers exist currently, or are being created on a local scale to bring out the benefits of time spent outside. The project will determine what outdoor recreation policies can be implemented at the state level to improve the health of a growing population. While examining the policy answers, this capstone will take stock on what companies are currently working on climate advocacy within the outdoor industry; which aspects of climate change they focus on, what tactics they use to stay involved, and what more can be done to promote collaboration, innovation, and investment to protect the outdoors.