Carbon Sequestration on Grassland Properties

The Nature Conservancy ColoradoIn collaboration with the Colorado chapter of The Nature Conservancy (TNC), this project is researching the feasibility of carbon sequestration as a way to diversify funding sources for private land conservation.  Across the country, short grass prairie similar to that found throughout eastern Colorado effectively holds significant quantities of carbon.  Ensuring that these lands remain in their natural state will contribute to climate change mitigation efforts, protect critical wildlife habitat, and increase productivity of ranching activities; all while generating lucrative carbon credits used by organizations to offset emissions.  This project will begin with the establishment of a registered sequestration project through the Climate Action Reserve on a TNC owned grassland property in southeastern Colorado.  The insights gained from the establishment of this project will allow for an economic analysis reviewing the ability of similar projects to be used in the funding of future conservation easements.  All of this will allow for an informed conversation regarding ways in which TNC may be able to utilize their extensive resources to assist smaller, regional land trusts with similar projects on properties across the state.