Campaign for Sustainable Tourism in the Southwest

National Parks Conservation AssociationNational Parks and public lands are reaching their logistical capacity throughout the Southwest region. With an influx of visitor use accompanied by significant budget cuts, public land managers are finding it more difficult to continue to provide and maintain services both to the people and the environment. While all are suffering similar problems, a unifying campaign does not currently exist to address these concerns. Through partnering with the NPCA, this project will develop an overarching pilot program which can be implemented across spheres of influence, addressing the most pressing challenges these stakeholders face.

By researching user behavior and creating a comprehensive plan which aligns various existing messages, public lands will be better able to mitigate misbehavior, and preserve tourism access to the benefit of sustainable environmental health. The team plans to submit a revised strategic plan that inspires stewardship behavior in public lands, and an accompanying report underpinning the rationale for the components of the plan. This could include print materials, online and social media marketing, and signage throughout parks. In conclusion, the campaign will be distributed to create alignment and clarification on rules, regulations and suggestions for responsible outdoor behavior.