Future of Food Complex

Generator DevelopmentThe Greens: A Future of Food Complex, is a new development concept that will include innovative food practices, cutting-edge growing technologies, and closed loop processes. This project emerged when the real estate company Generator Inc., responded to a Request for Proposal (RFP) to re-develop a decommissioned water treatment site in Lyons, Colorado. The RFP requires that the new development include affordable housing, a community gathering space and the revitalization of a river corridor. In addition, the development will use sustainable architectural practices, which align with the Lyons Environmental Sustainability and Action Plan. MENV students will collaborate with Generator Inc. and the Town of Lyons to integrate sustainable food systems at the site, complementing the vision of the RFP. Extensive market research and analysis of growing practices and food waste mitigation strategies is required to ensure the goals of the partnership are achieved. These analyses will directly inform the project plan of The Greens to include vertical grow towers, a second’s grocery store, and farm-to-table restaurant. The Greens will contribute to the reputation of Colorado’s Front Range as a global leader in sustainable food system innovation and will serve as a model for future community development.