2017 Boulder Organic Foods Sustainability Report

Boulder OrganicBoulder Organic Foods is a Boulder-based soup manufacturer that is committed to environmental sustainability and responsible ingredient sourcing. The organization realizes increasing consumers are making environmental responsibility priority, and desire product transparency when making purchasing decisions. As part of its corporate philosophy, the organization prides itself on offering only USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO products to its consumers. Now, Boulder Organic Foods would like to begin better quantifying its impact on natural resources, and conveying its environmental efforts more effectively to its customer base by partnering with a team of MENV Sustainable Food Systems students to develop its first ever annual sustainability report.

The sustainability report will establish baseline measurements and provide achievable goals to showcase Boulder Organic Food’s commitment to environmental responsibility. To enhance consumer outreach, the report will also connect consumers to farmers through compelling supply chain storytelling.The project will require intensive research, analysis, strategic thinking, and content creation. The student team members will develop professional skills and experience in resource efficiency, supply chain analysis, carbon accounting, waste auditing, life cycle analysis, product development, procurement, sustainable packaging, and ingredient specific sourcing.