Water Management in Boulder County Facilities: A Data-Driven Approach for Water-Use

Boulder CountyIn an era of climate change and rapid urbanization, the need for effective water management is becoming an increasingly important discipline for urban regions of the Western United States.  Commercial and institutional buildings account for a substantial percentage of water demand, yet water conservation is often an overlooked aspect of traditional facilities management.  In order to encourage efficient water management within commercial buildings, a data-driven approach that is both economically viable and environmentally responsible is needed.  The goal of this project is to contribute to the implementation of the goals set forth in Boulder County’s Sustainability Plan, specifically to achieve at least a 20% reduction in water consumption within Boulder County Facilities.  This project will aggregate and analyze Boulder County Facility’s water usage data for the past 3 years with the use of EnergyCap utility management software.  This analysis, including both financial and consumption data, will inform a recommendation of best management practices, retrofits, and other water conservation strategies.  Specifically, the project will focus on both indoor and outdoor water consumption, while considering improvements to irrigation efficiency and a cost/benefit analysis of indoor plumbing retrofits.