eHub: Developing a New Model for EV Charging and Shared Mobility

Rocky Mountain InstituteThis year, Matt Frommer and Ryan Patterson partnered with the Rocky Mountain Institute's Mobility team to develop a strategy to enable adoption of EVs for mobility services. The Mobility team’s goals include reducing pollution and congestion in urban environments to create more sustainable and livable communities. Cities can work towards this goal through the use of shared, electric and soon, autonomous vehicle fleets for affordable and clean mobility services. Electrifying rideshare and carshare fleets are the low-hanging fruit that can help to kickstart deep decarbonization of the transportation sector.

Through the use of centralized charging depots, dubbed eHubs, communities and companies can maximize the benefits of SAEVs and quickly take advantage of economies of scale. We worked with the City of Boulder to bring about the next phase of their door-2-downtown program that seeks to promote the economic vitality of downtown Boulder through a public-private partnership with Commutifi, a local sustainable mobility services company.