Creating a Field Audit for Global Reforestation

Print ReleafPrintReleaf was founded in 2011 as a solution to paper demand and reforestation. Whereas initiatives such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative or the Forest Stewardship Council, exist to create a net zero effect on global timber stock relative to paper use, PrintReleaf goes the extra mile by creating a net positive effect by planting trees equivalent to paper use.  PrintReleaf functions by using a program and model to monitor paper usage and translate that into a number of trees, which are bought and planted several times per year in a chosen project site around the world.  Every four years and up to eight years afterwards, PrintReleaf will audit these existing trees through SGS International in order to determine their health and survivability.  This capstone project will create a field audit for PrintReleaf and SGS International to use in this regard.  In creating the field audit, we will work in conjunction with Trees Water People and SGS International while studying existing field audits such as those used by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative or the Forest Stewardship Council.  We will consider a variety of audit methods while making them appropriate for each project site’s unique ecology.  There will be difficulties such as determining which trees belong to PrintReleaf in a communal plot, however, we are determined and excited to create a useful field audit for PrintReleaf to use in their global reforestation efforts. Our goal is to develop and define the PrintReleaf field audit process to incorporate into the existing PrintReleaf Standard and deploy to SGS International and PrintReleaf Certified Reforestation Partners.