Policy Analysis

Namaste SolarNamasté Solar does residential, commercial, and utility scale photovoltaic solar installation and services in Colorado and California in addition to the Northeastern part of the United States. During my initial phase of the project I will be tracking legislative bills and PUC dockets of interest in California, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont for Namasté and attend their policy committee meetings to inform them on those states. After getting a sense of the changes happening, I will switch my focus to anything of importance to Namasté happening in Colorado. Namasté works closely with Colorado chapter of the Solar Energy Industries Association and the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, and could play a part in what gets precedence.

During the summer months I will be delving into the PUC and Legislative hearings in Colorado and begin to support, advocate, and represent Namasté’s interests. My final deliverable will be a analysis of a specific policy topic contingent upon what arises in the state legislature or PUC and its implications on Namasté’s business in the medium to long term. To supplement that analytical piece will be an advocacy piece for Namasté focused on the short term most likely working with the Colorado Renewable Energy Society.