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Eric Owens (RSE) Eric Owens

"My capstone project aims to create a “Colorado Utilities Platform” that will serve as an update to the 2010 Colorado Utilities Report and will increase CO utility data accessibility, awareness of clean energy incentive programs, and community knowledge of the state’s energy system and clean energy opportunities. 

My favorite part of capstone so far has been developing the project scope with my team. We are all super excited about the impact this project will have for CO residents and their ability to take advantage of programs that can save them money and reduce their carbon footprint. I have enjoyed planning out the flow of information and data and even producing a demo of our site to showcase our initial thoughts. I hope this platform will be a useful tool for CO residents and I look forward to seeing how it evolves after we graduate."


Kameron SchulerKameron Schuler (URS)

"My capstone project focuses on broadening the current ESG software offerings at Intelex Technologies. This ESG software is utilized by companies to help them streamline the reporting and disclosure process. Reporting frameworks are constantly evolving, which means there is a need to incorporate new sustainability topics as well as expand upon previous topics. This is where my team will step in to help! 

My favorite part of working on this capstone project so far has been getting to know my teammates and working with them to create our Statement of Work. All of us bring our own unique strengths to the table and have had an amazing time working together! We are all extremely excited to see how our work will translate into real-world applications that can help companies move towards a more sustainable future."







Shannon KeaneShannon Keane (URS)

"I have been working with the City of Boulder and Nature-Based Climate Solutions (NCS) for the last couple of months for my capstone project. NCS was created with the vision to implement natural landscapes in urban areas to not only drawdown carbon but improve resilience and equity-based community development. Our project focuses on supporting the City of Boulder and NCS in their newly launched Cool Boulder Campaign, which has three action areas: connected canopies, pollinator advocates, absorbent landscapes. Each of my team members, Aspen Bias, Adam Hall, Danielle Furuichi and myself, are leading our own action items. I have been working for the pollinator advocates in creating a long-term guidebook that identifies effective urban pollinator garden practices as well as meaningful community engagement and co-creation. My favorite part of capstone so far is collaborating with my amazing team members and learning about all the native bees Colorado has!"