Published: April 4, 2022 By

URS ClinicPart of the multi-faceted, comprehensive curriculum of MENV, the Urban Resilience and Sustainability specialization had the opportunity to put together the first URS Clinic Spring semester 2021 with vitalizing success. Continuing this indispensable experience, this spring semester, 10 hand selected students have partnered with Boulder Housing Partners and Boulder County Housing Authority, working on inclusive, local and sustainable development goals. Focusing on equitable micro-mobility and mixed-use community development projects, the students have been tasked to contribute their expertise and perform primary research to create innovative, inclusionary, sustainable recommendations in support of the vision for an accessible, safe Boulder! Just this Wednesday, William Shutkin and students took a tour around Boulder and Lafayette to each project site and ended with a couple of beers at Sanitas Brewing Co. (pictured at Sanitas)! 

The students will be leading a knowledge sharing session, April 27th at 4-5:15pm virtually, with our partners, policymakers, development teams, equity specialists, and many more! Zoom link is here. No registration is required. This presentation is an open invite to everyone and anyone. Mark your calendars, you won’t want to miss this event!


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