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Molly ThompsonMolly Thompson

From chef, to English teacher, writer, and now a career counselor, Molly Thompson has navigated her own pathway, built her network, found her passions, and is now offering MENV students tools to do the same. Molly brings over 15 years of experience in career counseling and workforce development. She is excited to be now working for the MENV program not only for its unusual focus in career development but also for the passionate and inspiring people it attracts. Molly believes that master students have a particular power to gain mentors, build their network and get internships. She has been working on workshops and networking events so students can hone their skills and become the best candidates not only upon graduation but throughout the program. After many years, she is returning to her hometown of Boulder with her husband and daughter and is excited to be back in this vibrant community. She is an avid gardener and believes that most things can be solved with a long walk or a good home cooked meal.





Mara RoseMara Rose

Mara Rose's passion to connect humans to nature and community is at the foundation for all of her work. From building community gardens in New Orleans to leading educational nonprofits in Boulder and Harlem, Mara is all about supporting and uplifting individuals and communities. She is often drawn to individuals that have a foundational drive to make an impact, which is why Mara enjoys working for MENV and supporting its students. Mara brings almost 30 years of experience working in many industries and sectors. She has hired and managed many people and understands what employers are looking for in resumes and cover letters and how to effectively network and interview. At MENV Mara works to not only advise students but also connect them to her network. When Mara is not working for MENV and running her public benefit corporation, Boundless Landscapes, she finds joy in grounding herself and connecting with her environment and community. She does this by growing a garden, being in nature, meditation and serving others.





Brain KennedyBrian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy has a knack for taking complex ideas and information, and making them digestible, and finding pathways to solutions. As a career advisor for MENV he works to do the same with individuals who are looking for ways to increase their knowledge to achieve their career goals. Brian focuses on where a student wants to be five years after graduation and offers advice on ways they can meet their goals while in the program and after. In his role at AECOM, Brian brings over 35 years of consulting experience working on infrastructure, resource management, and land development projects. He has worked with stakeholders in both public and private sectors. He is passionate about listening to students and finding solutions together on pathways for individuals to graduate and enter the job sector with confidence.