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 This semester, the MENV program is offering students several hands-on and applied workshops. These workshops are designed to give students the opportunity to develop professional skills that complement classroom learning. This semester’s workshops include:


Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Accounting  Colette Crouse

This workshop is designed to introduce GHG trends, emissions pathways, science-based targets, and GHG Accounting. Students will learn about the GHG accounting process, emissions factors, tools and software, and best practices for model development.

This workshop is led by Colette Crouse, whose professional experience spans government, environmental NGOs, Fortune 500 organizations and fast-growing start-ups. She currently serves as Director of Carbon Services with Stok, an integrated ESG services firm that supports developers, managers, and tenants of commercial real estate.




Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler Effective Allyship 

This workshop is designed to provide a roadmap for leading, working and serving with allyship in mind. The session will also address tips, techniques, barriers, and future-thinking strategies to advance a system where collectiveness is the norm.

This workshop is led by Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler, the Chief Catalyst and Founder of the Equity Project, LLC – an organization designed to support organizations and communities in building diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. In addition to founding The Equity Project, she is also the founder of The HR Shop, a human resources firm designed to support nonprofits and small organizations.





Public Speaking and Presentations Bill LeBlanc

This workshop provides students with methods to begin talks effectively, keep the audience's attention through a variety of engagement approaches, and
prepare more easily and effectively to keep stress to a manageable level. 

This workshop is led by Bill LeBlanc, the Chief Instigation Agent at E Source - an organization dedicated to leading utilities and cities to a sustainable future with predictive data science, market intelligence, and consulting. Bill has more than 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, new product development, pricing, market research, demand-side management, and social marketing.





Joseph KerskiGIS for Environmental Professionals 

This workshop gives students the opportunity to spatially examine issues including population change, biodiversity loss, water quality and quantity, human health, energy, oceans, weather and climate, and more, using spatial thinking and geotechnologies.

This workshop is led by Dr. Joseph Kerski, a geographer, GIS professional and educator currently working as an Education Manager for ESRI – an international supplier of geographic information software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications. Dr. Kerski focuses on using geography and GIS to expand the use of spatial thinking in all sectors of society by fostering educational partnerships, conducting educational research, and training teachers, students, governmental, nonprofit, and business users at all levels.


Thank you to each of our Spring 2022 workshop facilitators for sharing such valuable information with MENV students this semester!